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Monday, 2 May 2011

Singapore 2011 Watershed General Election - What Happened After 7th May 2011

These are my thoughts and hope for the Singapre Parliament after 7th May 2011:-

1) The Opposition Parties captured at least 1 GRC & 3 to 4 SMC seats - This will indicate Singapore has come  of age in political  maturity.  There are now opposing views and ideas competing for the people's acceptance and endorsement.  This will only be for the good of Singapore as there is now quality  "political capital" in Singapore Parliament - be it coming from  the Ruling Party or the Opposition Parties.  This is win-win for Singapore's future and we need to secure this kind of a future!  Singapore being  a First World Economy deserves such a quality Parliament!

2) The Ruling Party made a clean sweep of all the seats in Parliament and the obstrusive NMP & NCMP Scheme kicked in - The status quo remains - more laws and legislation are passed to enable the Ruling Party to consolidate and control political thought; more upgrading in estates; less discussion and consultation on policies as the Ruling Party wants to exert strong and effective governance; people feels alienated from the Government as their aspiration and dreams are not addressed and pursued to their satisfaction.  There is a cynical perception that the Government knows best  and the people's views and concern do not matter. Such a Parliment will be a laughing-stock for the whole world!


Anonymous said...

I really dread to think what kind of new laws will kick in and totally neutralise and obliterate the opposition, knowing that they will have difficulty handling them, after seeing that the whole cyberspace is against the PAP.

After devising all the farcial rules like GRCs, redrawing boundaries and playing pork barrel politics, I do not think they care about being the laughing stock of the whole world.

If the PAP gets a 100% mandate, that will be the saddest day of our lives, and we will live to regret leaving that kind of legacy to our children and grandchildren.

We would, by then, really have to prostrate before our Gods and ask for repentance. It's that serious.

Koh said...

I cringe at the thought of the Ruling Party getting 100% mandate. It will set in motion the start of an autocratic and dictatorial regime. If this is what the electorate wants I fear for the kind of future of our children and their children's generation. That's why it is very important in this Election we need to secure a Singapre' future where competing ideas and solutions for Singapore's well-being are allowed and actively promoted and debated so that the people's dreams and aspiration are forever secured.

Charlie said...

Very interesting and articulated articles on your Blog! maybe you should compile all into a book titled "Rojak for rojak govt,food for thoughts"

Koh said...

This Election is a momentous and serious one - it is about securing a better future for ourselves and our children. The Ruling Party has just come forward to admit its mistakes eg. the Mas Selamat escape; escalating costs of housing, living & health;overcrowded buses/mrt; immigration policies, etc. So you see positive feedback, competing, coherent and positive ideas/views are needed to secure better lives for our citizens for ultimately that is what politics is all about!