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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Debut Performance, Interesting Data.

Debut Performance:  The 1st sesssion of the 12th Parliament had just recently concluded.  One take-away I had from the session was the masterly debut peformance of the Workers' Party MP Mr Chen Show Mao. He was saying "political differences are not akin to divisions"; expenditures on housing, education, health and eldercare are actually investments for the long-term.  Such expenditures should not be viewed as welfare programes which the Ruling Party had always wanted to propagandize them to be. His insights and eloquence are most inspiring.  If you had miss the show, I would suggest that you visit the Workers' Party's website to view the full text or video.  Do not rely on our mainstream media!  They have done a dis-service to Singaporeans by heavily editing and even censoring the speech!  Mr Chen Show Mao is the epitome of a politician Mr Theodore Roosevelt spoke about and I quote "The most successful politician is he who says what the people are thinking most often in the loudest voice".
Interesting Data: I find the "Donations Received" for the top 2 candidates in the recent Presidential Election very interesting.  The runner-up(TCB) garnered an amount of $524,620.38 whilst the winner(TT) raised $338,000.00. Compared this with the tiny margin of votes of victory of the winner.  I wonder how much of the donations received are from ordinary Singaporeans, vested interest groups like big businesses/lobbyists, power-brokers or kingmakers.  Being a small nation, Singapore's politics should  never be  dictated or influenced by such undesirable groups