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Sunday, 27 January 2013

My "Haiku" Moments 2

1) The child-like essence                                                6) Our True Home Divine
     Down-to-earth beliefs and talk                                       Rulers still blind and stubborn
     Captivating hearts.                                                          Long live motherland.

2) The stupid hopeful                                                      7) The writing on wall
    The elitist head in clouds                                                 Most people can clearly see
    When will they wake up.                                                 Shameless media spit.

3) Clever arguments                                                        8) Drowning not knowing
    Wordsmith and tongue gymnastics                                 In their own vomit swimming
    The truth still denied.                                                      Wake up Wake up See.

4) Goodies tangling                                                         9) Talking to Oneself
    The propaganda machine                                                 Justifying to Oneself
    In full blast jarring.                                                          Reality Shun.

5) Truth be told exposed
    Some people still in denial
   Will leopards change skin.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Punggol East Can Be "The Beacon Of Fair Play"

There will be a 4-cornered fight in the Punggol East By-Election.  I prefer to see it as a 2-Party contest between the WP & PAP.  Residents of PE should seize this wonderful opportunity to cast their votes wisely.  No matter who emerged as the winner the ruling Party will still govern the country. If you do not agree to how the Government has beeen governing the country all these years you may want to express your displeasure or unhappiness by giving your vote to the WP candidate.  As "Hougang is the Bastion of Democracy in Singapore", your constituency can be "The Beacon of Fair Play in Singapore" if you send a strong signal that you do not subscribe to the following unfair practices:-

1) The gerrymendering of electoral boundaries and creation of Group Representation Constituencies; etc.

2) The mainstream media has not been fair and not giving a balance report of the political situation and in certain instances of engaging in painting a bad light of Opposition Parties.

3) The behind-the-queue Estates Upgrading for Opposition Wards and the removal  of hawker/market centres and bus services in Opposition Wards.

4) The on-going income- inequality gap; increasing unaffordable housing; pressures on children in our education system; high cost of living and medical charges, transport woes - over-crowded buses and trains, frequent breakdowns of train services; immigration policies, etc.

Yes, on 26 Jan  2013 cast your vote for the WP candidate.  By doing so you would have shown your political maturity for it is not healthy to have this PAP juggernaut hanging over our heads.  Long Live Singapore!