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Monday, 4 July 2016

The Power Of Your Vote.

The Brexit has dominated the news lately.  Do you know the enormous power you have in your vote:

a) With your vote, you can tell the politicians to walk the talk and not to just talk and talk.  They need to fear and respect your vote.  You need not fear them.

b) With your vote, you can send a strong message to the elites living in glass towers not to throw stones.  Their smugness and hubris has engineered income inequality, job losses, shrinking the middle class, etc.  Glare at them if you want to discharge your anger.

c) With your vote, you can tell the big banks and businesses not to con us anymore.  Some of them need to be incarcerated for their crimes and misdeeds.

d) With your vote, you can tell the mainstream media to fly kites.  We can vote whichever way we like.  We do not want to fall into their self-serving traps and propaganda. We do not want to be brainwashed.

e) With your vote, you can say "no one is indispensable".  Prime Minister comes and Prime Minister goes.  No dynastic rule for me.

f) With your vote, you can tell the civil servants to wake up and do the proper job.  No need to look over your shoulders to get the bosses' pats.

P.S. - With such an enormous power your vote can muster, do you think Singaporeans will get to vote in a referendum on the 2 contentious issues that the nation now faces:-

1) The Elected Presidency - whether it should be an Elected or Appointed Presidency or a completely new model, etc.

2) The projected Population Target  of 10 million people.

Your guess is as good as mine.

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