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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Empty Political Slogans.

(Above photos are for those who have missed the Singapore Garden Festival 2016 - feast your eyes on the beauty).

The American Presidential Election campaign  is now in full swing. The political leaders have imaginatively come up with their respective slogans to capture the electors' votes.  Here are some of them:

1) Make America Great Again - Donald Trump.

2) Stronger Together - Hilary Clinton.

3) Political Revolution - Bernie Sanders.

Our own political leaders have some famous slogans that are identifiable:-

1) Swiss Standard of Living - GCT - Our bottom 10% of population are still struggling with their daily living expenses, etc.

2) More Good Years - GCT - Immediately after this slogan was uttered the country went into a recession.

3) Inclusive Society -LHL - This is currently the trending slogan as the Government now wants to actively engage the disabled and disadvantaged in our society.  What about being inclusive to welcome diverse, opposing and positive viewpoints from all people of all political stripes.

4) Cheaper, Better, Faster - LSS -This simplistic slogan entrap our workers in a spiral of low wages and shrinking jobs.

Moreover these infamous quotes from our leaders will make you sick:-

1) We are our own check - GCT.

2) GST hike is to help the poor - LHL.

3) People support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament - LHL.

4) Our funds are accountable to the Government.  I would not believe that transparency is everything -LHL.

5) Only rich or corrupt people work for free - VB.

Politicians are like chameleons.  They can change, twist and turn their viewpoints in an instant moment.  We citizens need to watch them whether they walk the talk or they just talk, talk and talk.................................

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