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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Professionalism Vis-A-Vis Deception.

Time has indeed accelerated.  It is approaching 40 days since the disappearance of Flight MH370.  For the loved-ones, relatives, friends and colleagues of the 239 passengers on board, the wait for information is getting exhausting, mentally-draining and emotionally-crippling.  I can only think of 2 words to describe the continued search of the missing plane - professionalism and deception.

1) Professionalism - There was a refreshing change when the search switched to the southern Indian Ocean near Perth.  Unassuming retired Australian defence chief Angus Houston who spearheaded the search this time was a stark contrast to the Malaysian incompetents fronted by their acting Transport Minister.  At his news conferences, he came across as an engaging and communicative person who knows what he is talking.  He answered reporters' questions crisply and pointedly at times providing every one listening an education of the difficulty of ocean search, sea currents, etc.  An honest man who takes his duties seriously and competently.  I wish him the best of luck.  Australia can indeed feel proud to have such a patriot and an honest citizen.

2) Deception - The label should be shamefully affixed to the Malaysian authorities with their cheerleader acting Transport Minister.  At the onset of the tragedy, in fact in the first few days of the search the Malaysian authorities had taken the whole world (including Singapore who provided a submarine search) for a ride by deluding them to confine their search in the South China Sea when actually the Malaysian authorities knew the radar had detected a 'turn back" of the plane towards the Straits of Malacca.  That is why China had to release satellite photos of so-called debris near the Vietnamese coast to test Malaysian's true intention and deception.  To date there are no updates on Police investigations on the 2 pilots, 2 Iranians who travelled on forged passports, etc. One cannot help but speculate probably they are playing the waiting game sitting on their hands doing nothing.

3) Consequences - The Visit Malaysia 2014 Year is now just a dead slogan.  Travel agents estimated 30,000 visitors from China will probably boycott or forgo their trips this year.  How will history judge Malaysia on this tragedy?  The answer is obvious if you consider the incompetence and deception of their leaders.  The truth is in the plane's "black box".