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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My "Haiku" Moments.

I am fascinated by a form of Japanese poems known as "Haiku".  Here are my "haiku" moments.  Enjoy them!

1) His presence I smell                                            5) TV Set toppled
    Nearness only a breath away                                   It's top right-hand corner chipped
    Nothing Else to fear.                                                It's a miracle.

2) Far the eyes can see                                            6) Income only matters
    Eternity before us                                                     Still adamant and cocksure
    Now is the present.                                                  Engulfed in darkness.

3) The Sun beating heat                                           7) Breeze from overhead fans
    Shadows forming encroaching                                 Conversations below loud
    Where Else to hide.                                                 Joy - a cup of Kopi-O.

4) Postings in facebook
    Purposes achieved conveyed
    Need to scratch my back.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Seeing And Hearing.

Here is my observation on:

The US Presidential Election.

I have watched the 3 televised debates.  I have also done some reading up on the 2 candidates.  What both have in common are:  they are former lawyers and they are christians. I see the election as a choice  between "humility" versus "aggresiveness".  I will characterise the challenger as the later.  I thought after 9/11 America had already paid a heavy price and learned the lesson of humility.  America as "No.1" and "The Policeman of the World" does not resonate with the International Community anymore.  If the challenger is to have his ways there will be a "trade war" and "nuclear war tensions" looming:  he had said he would brand "China a currrency manipulator" and that "Iran will not be allowed to gain access to nuclear power". For peace sake the choice for the Americans is clear.

The Singapore Conversation.

The talk of the town is the Singaore Conversation - what Singaporeans want for Singapore in the next decade.  For the cynics and skeptics the exercise is a waste of money, time, etc.  I see the Conversation as an exercise "to manage expectations" among the 60% of the population who voted for the Government in the last General Election.  As for the 40% who voted against the Government they have already made their grievances and unhappiness known such as the high cost of living, income inequalities, unaffordable housing, transport woes, high medical costs, immigration policies, etc.  A similar exercise a decade ago "The 2003/2004 Remaking of Singapore" may jog your memory.  What is of paramount importance is for the Government to do the "right" things. The urgent right thing it needs to do now is to implement a "minimum wage" of $1000 p.m. for our low wage workers.  I see this as a way to provide a comfortable living for these workers and it also gives them dignity.