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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

"Trojan Horse" Moments.

An " Invisible" Party
Our Opposition Parties
Need to shadow-box!

This Monster machine
Our mainstream media/pods
To spin capture minds!

Elections time wild
To lie, twist, concoct, play tricks
Slay the dragon!

A trojan horse
Ready to spin, brainwash minds
In every home!

Newsworthy camouflage
Hidden agenda covered up
Subservient to detract!

Boycott, jettison
Stop the dissemination channels
Cut the propaganda flow!

Social media help
Expose the lies, falsehoods all
"Truths must prevail"!

Opposition rise
Lies, fictitious truths to confront
Call a spade a spade!

Rally the citizens
To shut the siren calls
And to stand steadfast!

The battles are long
Hard, treacherous, demanding
Persist to victory!

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