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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Truth Moments.

Good Politics
In words, in action repressive
Semantics of shrewd minds!

Politics Policies
One is skewed the other patronizing
Spin wins the day!

The parody of Democracy
Managed, twisted, fixed!

Corrupted, abused, disavowed
Subsumed under Cronyism!

An ubiquitous face
On mainstream media galore
Primed for cult worship!

Trying hard on world stage
A boy in body language
A clown on parade!

It's the family tree
Not forgiving ever vengeful
It's in the genes!

A Minister
Speaking of grassroots' independence
Joke of the half century!

Honour is pure gold
Not corruptible, not fake
False facade shit!

Distortions, character kill
Stop such detractors!

B. Batok residents
The choice is as clear as stars
Reject the indiscretion!

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