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Sunday, 27 January 2013

My "Haiku" Moments 2

1) The child-like essence                                                6) Our True Home Divine
     Down-to-earth beliefs and talk                                       Rulers still blind and stubborn
     Captivating hearts.                                                          Long live motherland.

2) The stupid hopeful                                                      7) The writing on wall
    The elitist head in clouds                                                 Most people can clearly see
    When will they wake up.                                                 Shameless media spit.

3) Clever arguments                                                        8) Drowning not knowing
    Wordsmith and tongue gymnastics                                 In their own vomit swimming
    The truth still denied.                                                      Wake up Wake up See.

4) Goodies tangling                                                         9) Talking to Oneself
    The propaganda machine                                                 Justifying to Oneself
    In full blast jarring.                                                          Reality Shun.

5) Truth be told exposed
    Some people still in denial
   Will leopards change skin.

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