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Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Watershed 2011 Singapore General Election - The Result of Worker's Party Strategy versus PAP's Juggernaut

The people of Singapore has spoken: 60% votes for the Ruling Party & 47% votes for the Worker's Party.  I consider this as a minor "peaceful revolution" in Singapore's political development. I wonder what the percentage of the strongest Opposition Party's votes will be if there was no redrawn constituency boundaries dubbed gerrymandering and "grow & share" goodies that were handed out among other incentives.  Worker's Party's strategy in this campaign was focused and was to be admired - each night Rally speeches were coherent and targeted to people's desire for accountability, transparency and their genuine desire for their voices to be heard; less rhetoric but focusing on topical arguments for each night to achieve the maximum impact possible for the limited 4 to 5 days of campaigning; no time was wasted on unimportant and trival issues. Kudos to them for a well-run campaign strategy!   Whereas the Ruling Party last minute "Apologies" galore and "Reformed from Within Party" strategy came too late and too little and the electorate did not buy into it.  Nevertheless with its almost complete control of the mainstream media and a large pool of volunteer, logistic and grassroot network support the Ruling Party managed a 81-6 score.  This is a small but an important first step for the Worker's Party and political development of Singapore. The securing of Singapore's future must be maintained at all times!  Just a note on the spoilt votes for the SMCs of Joo Chiat and Potong Pasir.  It is a shame on those who spoiled their votes - their right to exercise and make a choice has not been executed and these voters have chosen to hide their heads in the sands; it is pathetic and a sad reflection of their no conviction and no belief but their own narcissism - shame on you! Your vote might help one or the other candidate!

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