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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

After Watershed Election Singapore Is Embarking On A New Era In Politics.

With the voluntary resignations of the MM Lee Kuan Yew & SM Goh Chok Tong coming sooner than later as nobody has predicted, the era of "The Government Know Best" has already died a natural death.  The era of 1st and 2nd Generation Leaders of "authoriative" and "hand-holding" style of government is no more relevant and workable in our present internet-age 21st century.  We wish to thank our senior leaders' graciousness in accepting and facing this new reality in Singapore politics.  With today's announcement of the new Government's Cabinet Line-Up Singapore is embarking on a new era in political development.  With the just concluded General Election where the hotly debated and  controversial issues of secruity lapses like Mas Selamat escape, cost of public housing and over-crowded MRT/bus transport it is inevitable that scapegoats have to be found in the Ministers fronting the Ministries of Home Affairs, National Development and Transport.  In this new era the Singapore citizens will want to be engaged, debated, consulted and listened-to in this new compact of political development.  This active citizenry will only be for the good and welfare of Singapore. With the new Government putting its cards on the table by posting its new Cabinet Line-Up it is hope that the Opposition Parties will do its part by putting its best foot and energy forward in working for the welfare of Singapore and Singaporeans!  This is only "win-win" for the future of Singapore and its future generations!  Majulah Singapura!

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