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Friday, 29 April 2011

Re: The Watershed Singapore 2011 General Election - It's Time To Vote Wisely

Further to my posts on 3 March 2011 and 3 April 2011 and as at today the rhetoric, exhortations,arguments, counter-arguments, accusations, red herrings, created confusions have come fast and furious from both the Ruling and Opposition Parties. My take is  how you vote is important!  If you vote for the Ruling Party, you are saying you agree to status-quo - more upgrading of estates, leadership renewal, etc. One important point you also agree to is it's strategy of keeping legitimate Oppoisition Voices out of Parliament  by substituting it with its obtrusive NMP,NCMP Scheme.   If you cast your vote for the Oppositions Parties, you are saying - OK, I will give you this chance to prove yourself in the Parliament; if you fail I will vote you out in the next election.  To get to know more about the Opposition Parties you need to  visit their dedicated Parties' websites and ATTEND THEIR RALLIES!  This is because the main media be it print, visual or sound  hardly give good coverage of their speeches, etc. In fact most of the Oppositions Parties' speeches are heavily edited sometimes even censored and eschewed to give them a bad light and image.  So, it is important to ATTEND OPPOSITION PARTIES RALLIES to hear and see what they really say and articulate.  You do not need to attend the Ruling Party's rallies as they are carried fully on TVs in the late night broadcasts and published  in the major newspapers the next morning.  At this stage of our political development we need a Singapore Parliament that is in step with our First World Economy.  So, on Polling Day on 7th May 2011 cast your vote wisely.  If the Oppositions Parties manage to capture 1 GRC and 3 to 4 SMCs, I will consider it a " peaceful revolution" of a kind compared to the "violent & bloody" revolutions we saw happening in the Middle East/African crisis. Your vote is your power!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this election is probably the last chance for us to vote for change, or live without being able to do anything come what may, forever. It is that deadly serious.

The way the ruling party goes about dabbling with the election rules, boundaries, increase in deposits for standing as candidates etc is a sign of more tinkerings to come, It will not be better for us, you can be sure. It will get worse.

Put a stop to all that. Vote for true democracy!

Koh said...

This time we must vote with our hearts and conviction. Don't be influenced by the propaganda churned out by the mainstream media which obviously has to toll the Government line. We need to safeguard Singapore' future!