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Monday, 4 April 2011

The 2011 Singapore General Election.

I see the coming Singapore 2011 General Election as a watershed in Singapore politics.  Firstly, many of the candidates are highly qualified and have good credentials; the interesting thing is both the Ruling Party and the Opposition Parties manage to attract as many such candidates as they can garner. The Ruling Party has managed to induct many of their high-flyers in the Civil Service, Army, Union, etc. to help them embark on nurturing a "Fourth Generation" of leaders and self-renewal. But what then lure the candidates of the Opposition Parties you may ask.  Is it purely "personal agenda" or higher motives like "wanting to make a difference", "speaking up for the poor or the underpriviledged" or " wanting to see real democracy at work in Singapore", etc.  I see this group of people has the most to lose as they face great odds!  Secondly, with more choices, the electorate can think and cast their secret votes wisely.  They now have a less dilemma in the choice of candidate based on credentials.  Lastly but not least, Singapore will gain from  this momentous Election "political capital" in attracting good and qualified people in our Parliament. This is a "win-win" for Singapore.  I hope this will set the momentum going in generating and cultivating "a political culture and maturity" that is worthy of our "First World Economy" status.

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