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Monday, 28 March 2011

Meeting An Old Church Friend.

One week ago my wife and I chanced meeting an old friend from church outside the toilet of a cinema hall.  Funny,God chose to bring about an encounter in such a strange place.  Later over a cup of ovaltine in a foodcourt we were shocked to learn from him that his wife had passed away peacefully in her sleep about 10 years ago. His wife who was about 40 years old then was a gifted teacher and an interpreter of God's words.  My effervescent friend narrated to us the many overseas mission  trips he took with his wife to places like California, USA, etc. He told us of how they brought God's words to the  overseas congregations and many were convicted and healed.  My friend admitted that he was not a man of eloquent words and how he prayed to God constantly to give him the bravery and power to bring His Words.  God on  His part showed him visions and images. Mind you, he and his wife embarked on the many  missionary trips purely by faith and trusting on God's Words and Guidance.   Many at times they had to forgo many lucrative projects at home just to undertake the tasks God planned for them. My friend is an engineer by profession.
God rewards their trust by richly providing for their needs and blessing them tenfolds!   I can see the joy and peace in my friend.  He is indeed a man who not only knows God's Words but also believes, trusts and lives his life depending on our Living God.  My wife and I were greatly enouraged and uplifted by this encounter - he is a messenger from Our Living God!

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