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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Earthquakes in Japan

It is sad and heart-wrenching to see the massive loss of lives and destruction of properties in the aftermath of the earthquakes in Japan.  Sometimes you wonder why Nature can be so  merciless and destructive!  If you have seen footage and videos of the ensuing Tsunami that swept away everyting that stood at its path it is just mind-boggling! Now there is the fear of the radioactive contamination from the damaged Nuclear plants.   All in all it is a grim and dire picture. I have always admired the civility and civic-consciousness of the Japanese people. There are stories of good samaritans and oridnary people who chipped in to help - a man driving his huge truck to ferry clean water for those who are stranded in remote areas; a businessman who deals in power generators offering his generators for humanitarian uses like for hospitals and old folks homes!  This is no time for personal and opportunistic gain.  You hardly heard of any looting.  Yes my sincere prayers are for the Japanese people in this their time of great need and distress.  I know they will emerge a stronger and greater Nation after this tragedy!

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