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Thursday, 3 March 2011

Rooting for the Underdogs?

It is human nature to sometimes give support and encouragement to the under-priviledged and the down-trodden.  The African crisis is in no small measure due to the decades of abuse of power and dictatorial rule of some of the regimes.  In the sporting arena if you have been a fan of bygone Malaysia Cup Competition or the current  English FA Cup you will know what I mean when you stand up for the Underdog Team.  It is really a great feeling when your Underdog Team triumphs in the battle. Well, in Singapore a battle royal is approaching soon - The Singapore General Election.  In the coming days and weeks exhortations, arguments and counter-arguments, appeals and accusations, etc. will be coming fast and furious both from the incumbent Government and the Opposition Parties. On Polling day you will have the privilege and the highest honour to cast your secret vote.  Will you be rooting for the Underdogs?  Over to you!

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