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Thursday, 1 September 2011

The Final Tally

The final tally is out: TT:35.22%,TCB:34.85%;TJS:25.00%;TKL:4.91%.  Singapore has chosen the most suitable and right candidate to be its 3rd Elected President.  The voting indicates that the new normal in Singaore's political landscape is political diversity.  Here are some of my musings:-

1) Why did Dr Tony Tan offer his candidacy?:  It is worth noting that the first candidate to step forward was Dr TCB.  He was folllowed by Mr TKL.  After Mr George Yeo declined clamour from his supporters for his candidacy, Dr TT then stepped forward.  After many years in his Ministerial & MP duties, I am sure TT would have interactions and communications with his 2 opposing candidates and would have known of their calibre and capabilities.  Could it be then by stepping forward he is saying - mind you by demeanour he is gentlemanly and humble - that he is more worthy and capable for the highest office of the land.  We will never know until he tells us so.

2) Those who voted for TCB:  I wonder how many are swayed by his GE-style slogans "Think Singaoreans first", "I will fight for you", etc. How many of the moderate PAP supporters and how many from the Opposition Parties voted for him? It was noted that many of his supporters are from the Western and Northern parts of Singapore.  In the coming days many analyses and post-mortem of the election will come to light.  I have heard many voters voted based purely on the look of the candidates and their wifes!

3) The President Is Above Politics:  TT subscribes to this belief.  How about walking the talk - Let's say if he will to grace a Mid-Autumn Festival  function in the Opposition-held Aljunied GRC. How about an invitation from the WP or TT acts on his own initiative?

4) Other Anecdotes:  I read an interesting letter in the Straits Times in which  the writer said she voted for an  Anti-Establishment candidate but now that TT is voted the President she supports him.  This is really "double-talk".  Your support for your candidate should be by your vote!  I checked her blog and found out she was against "the status-quo" meaning she was adovocating her readers to vote for Anti-Establishment candidates.  Her verbal gymnastics is superb and that is why her novels are selling well!  I notice that the WP is the only Opposition Party not to have endorse or support any candidates.  Its neutral stand is to be applauded!

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