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Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Elected Presidency - Vote For The Right President.

The Elected President Polling Day is barely 1 week away.  I sincerely hope the following pointers on the candidates will help you in one way or other to exercise your vote wisely.

Candidate A:  Being a former cadre of the Ruling Party, he had benefited from his links with the Establishment in his career path and livelihood.  His concern on the "bread and butter" issues of the heartlanders is laudable.  His many years in grassroots activities and organisation may explain his constant championing of ordinary citizens' rights and concerns.  The problem is that the Elected Presidency is not the platform for such activitism.

Candidate B: He was a former MP with many years of service to the Ruling Party. Many years ago I saw him panicked in front of the TV audience when the SARS crisis hit this country.  He was then talking about "Life & Death" issues.  He said he wanted to promote multiracialism.  I thought after 46 years of Singapore's independence the issue is as "dead as a dinosaur".  He is a man who "is over the hill" and appears "not relevant" in this era.

Candidate C: He is an elite.  He studied politics, economics and philosophy in his university years.  I often wonder why he does not apply his philosophy knowledge in his political pursuits.  He is Anti-Establishment.  He talks about "checks and balances" on the Government.  He treats the Elected Presidency as an extension of the General Election.  I only wish he can be more philosophical  and less confrontational in his outbursts.

Candidate D:  He looks humble and amiable to most people. His records in public and private sector services is immaculate.   Because of his long association with the Ruling Party, he is Pro-Establishment.  Many Associations, Business Bodies, Community Groups and Unions openly declare their support for him.  His logical and clear thinking can be read from his replies as quoted  "Independence - Independent mind"; "Candidate should run for the office that exists and not what they wish it to be",

Well I hope Singaporeans will choose the right President for Singapore!


Anonymous said...

Oxford's PPE:
First year - 3 subject areas.
Second year onwards - Choose either 2 or 3 subject areas. So there's a possibility of dropping subject area. It could be Tan Jeee Say's case that he (possibly) studied Philosophy for the first year.
But you are right that it's time (middle of the campaign) for Tan Jee Say to have to few words on quotes (quite easily done)related to the Campaign.

Koh said...

Thanks for your information. This will greatly help everyone to understand issues and generate ideas. It is through such exchange that we can all learn and make Singapore a better home for all of us.