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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Tragedy in Thailand

It saddens me to see what had happened in Thailand recently. I feel that the protest leaders should be more responsible and accountable! After organizing and agitating the red-shirt protesters for change and democracy for the last 2 months, they acted irresponsibly and callously by saying they were surrendering when the Government decided to crack down on the protesters last Wednesday. By doing so they left the protesters leaderless which resulted in the mayhem of senseless rioting, looting and burning. According to reports more than 88 persons were killed and 40 odd buildings burned. The leaders could have managed the situation better by accepting some sort of compromise when the Government offered to negotiate - indeed such wanton loss of lives and properties could have been prevented! Yes, the leaders should be more responsible and held accountable for their actions - for protesting, demonstrating and challenging the Government of the day have attendant consequences which every leader should be conscious and mindful of. If they are "real" leaders and believe that their causes are just, they and their fellow protesters should have presented themselves as "passive resistance" freedom fighters as Ghandhi did in India!!! Yes,the protest leaders should be held answerable, responsible and accountable for the Tragedy!!!!

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