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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

World Cup 2014 - The Beautiful Game.

The Fever is already in the air.  If you are clueless, let me enlighten you.  Yes, the once-in-4 years World Cup Soccer is now being played in Brazil up to 13th July 2014.  It took a whopping $13 billion dollars to organise the fiesta.  In Singapore you can watch all the games for free in many of our Community Centres. In my constituency the residents are privileged to be served by the staff and volunteers of the Fengshan CC - above are photos of the good samaritans.  At the CCs drinks, beverage. cakes, buns, biscuits ,etc are provided fob while you watch the live telecasts.  It is not surprising crowds are packing the halls on mornings when exciting teams (like the contest between Spain and Netherlands) are playing.  Here are my first impressions of the some of the Teams I have watched so far:-

1) Brazil - favourite to win this World Cup as they are the host country.  Just watch Oscar as he is my-kind-of- player.

2)  Spain - the 5-1 drubbing by Netherlands must be very humiliating for the current World Champion.  The  team is aging and it needs new blood.

3) England - It is nice to see many more young players in the team.  Many of the senior players are over-rated and overpaid because of the English Premier League.

4) Italy - The maestro of the team is Pirlo.  This team is now playing a more attacking game as opposed to a more "defensive" style of yesterdays.

5) Argentina -  Their star player is of course Messi - I am always mesmerize by his acceleration speed; although he stations himself in the half-line, he can accelerate himself to a menacing forward in a twinkle of an eye.

6) Germany - A very tactical and compact team.  When they attack they move in formations - like armoured tanks.

Hope you enjoy and are inspired by this World Cup.  Ole Ole Ole!

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