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Friday, 27 June 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - The Ecstasy & Agony.

It has been a "samba" soccer so far in the FIFA World Cup 2014.  There are goals galore - that is why fans have unequivocally endorse it as "the beautiful game".  The "knock-out" stage begins on 29th June 2014 12am.  The top news of the day is that Uruguay's striker Luis Suarez has been suspended from four months of football-related activity and nine-game ban for his " infamous bite"of Italian defender Giorgio Chiellini's shoulder. Controversies of such behaviour are not unheard of if you will only recall instances like Maradona's "Hand of God" goal and Zidane's head-butt.

It is interesting to note that five South American countries - Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Argentina - are playing in the "knock-out" round.  Nigeria and Algeria are the only African countries left standing tall.  I admire the African teams including Cameroon and Ghana for their spirited and passionate style of playing - never-say-die attitude and "playing like men possessed".  Consequently the referees may interpret their actions as intimidating and aggressive.  I have witnessed instances of their players being wrongly "red-carded" for their enthusiasm and high-energy playing.  There is talk and rumours of "conspiracy theories" and favouritism.

Towering  above Rio De Janeiro watching all these activities and going-ons is the statue of Christ, The Redeemer with his outstretched hands saying to one and all "Come to me, cast all your cares and burdens on Me; fear not, I will prevail; I am your Refuge, your strong Tower; I am the Sovereign Lord, everything will be alright."  Yes, He sees and knows all things; man may plan and contrive but it is the Lord's will that will be done!

Well, coming back to World Cup 2014, I foresee a Brazil versus Argentina Final playoff.  What is your prediction?  All predictions are as Singaporeans like to say are "tikam, tikam, only".  Ha, Ha!  Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole......................................................................Ole, Ole!

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