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Friday, 21 March 2014

Search For Flight 370 Plane - A Case Of Dereliction Of Duty & Incompetence.

After about 2 weeks there is still no sign of the plane.  I can only express my sympathy and pray for the families of the 239 passengers who are at present undergoing unimaginable suffering, agony, pain and angst.

Here are my thoughts:-

1) Dereliction of Duty - This charge should be laid squarely on the shoulders of the Malaysian authorities.
When Malaysian Air Force detected the u-turn of an unidentified air plane on its radar, why was there no Air Force plane scrambled to check on the plane and if necessary to take the plane down.  If such preventive action had been taken in the first place, the saga of the last 2 weeks would not have emerged.  So far the Authorities have not given the world specifics of what action they are embarking such as the number of Malaysian planes, ships, personnel and equipment deployed in the search; the specific areas they are combing, etc.  One wonders whether "they are dirtying their hands working on the ground" or "they are sitting on their hands" for the cows to come home!  Only God knows!

2) Incompetence -  The Police did not zoom its investigation on the 2 Pilots until after 1 week when the Senior Pilot's self-built simulator was dismantled and carted away for investigation - later they found out that vital items in the simulator were deleted.  There was no word on the 2 forged passports used by the 2 Iranian passengers.  All these suspects and suspicious behaviour should be addressed by the authorities to clear any doubts and hanky-panky businesses.

3) What the Authorities want to portray/project - The acting Transport Minister who is concurrently the Defence Minister is always immaculately dressed for the News Conferences.  So also are their Police and Armed Forces Chiefs with their impressive breast-decorated metals on their uniforms.  All for show and no substance!  On Fridays the Minister will appear in his Friday-prayer garb.  How sickening!  He looked into the reporters' eyes and vomitted out his lies and deception!  How sick can one be!

4) What the Authorities are certain - The News Conference must end in half an hour time though the there are tons of questions yet to be answered.  Their local press can be hook-winked and conned afterall their questions are mostly "stupid", "commonsense" or "irrelevant" compared to the probing ones from the foreign press.

5) What Can We Learn From This Tragedy - A country needs capable and competent Leaders.  Otherwise, its citizens and the country will suffer immeasurably.  It is equally important that a Crisis Management Team should always be on stand-by to tackle any emergency!!

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