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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Status Quo Is Not Tenable.

I have always believed that the status quo - not doing something to relief people's cost of living especially health-care costs in Singapore's political life - is not an option.  More of the same - patchworks and tweaks in policies here and there - is not a viable answer since the momentous conclusion of our last GE 2011. So the Pioneer Generation Package just announced in the 2014 Budget is indeed ground-breaking vis-a-vis the Government's anathema of "welfare-mindset".  Singaporeans have for many years being complaining to the Government of the truism "you can die but can't afford to get sick".  As is the norm the present generation can only build only on the foundation of what the previous generation had already assiduously worked and set up.  The Package is only a small recognition of their contribution and sacrifice of the past 50 years.

What is next?  Is this the beginning of the Government's show of "benevolence" - a Confucian value.  I certainly hope so.  It can certainly welcome, encourage and nurture more competitive and different viewpoints from the people.  The mainstream media has largely been pro-government and all citizens know it.  There should be a free media now that the internet is ubiquitous.  May I suggest as a show of its magnanimity the Government can consider to grant amnesty to all political exiles who are presently overseas and welcome back those who have migrated overseas and now wish to come back home.  This will be a meaningful-all-is-forgiven gesture as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary of Nationhood in 2015.

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