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Monday, 6 August 2012

Our National Pledge.

On 9th August 2012 Singapore will celebrate its 47th Birthday.  On this joyous and auspicious occasion my best wishes for many more years of happiness, prosperity and progress for THIS LITTLE RED DOT!  Do you know as citizens of this country we are expected to keep in our hearts  the oath  of allegiance?  Yes, you have guessed  it right - Our National Pledge:-                                         
                                          We, the citizens of Singapore,
                                           pledge ourselves as one united people,
                                           regardless of race, language or religion,
                                           to build a democratic society
                                           based on justice and equality
                                           so as to achieve happiness,
                                           prosperity and progress
                                           for our nation.

I will like to delve into the phrase "to build a democratic society".  Are there any laws in our Constitution or the existence of any Institutions which impede or make our progress difficult  " to truly build a democratic society".  If this is indeed so, should not an "Ombudsman" be appointed to look into the matter so that our Nation can progress!  Happy National Day!

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