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Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Caricature of Oneself.

As an individual, everyone has his views, habits, likes and dislikes, idiosyncracies, etc. If we are not careful, we may create a "Caricature of Oneself" if we completely shut ourselves to other people's thinking, views, philosophies, etc.  I am sometimes guilty of such behaviour myself!  We like to hear our own voices and think our viewpoints, ideas, etc are only relevant and important.  We forget others' thinking and philosohies are just as important and we need to listen them out.  Hopefully from these exchanges we all understand one another better and thereby learn from one another.   After viewing PM's National Day Rally Speech, I  felt that he had lost a golden opportunity for an "epoch-making" moment to set the stage for the next level of Singapore's development and progress in the political arena.  Correct me if I am wrong, I did not see any Opposition Parties' MPs at the Rally.  I was thinking and  hoping he would exhibit courage and this time round he would embrace opposition views and ideas.  It is alright to speak of the Nation's many successes and the action he is taking to tackle the many issues and challenges confronting the country.  But alas! he has forgotten the angst and anger of the 40% of the electorate who has voted against the Government.  Should not part of the speech be addressed to their concerns and the Opposition Parties who represented them!   "Inclusiveness" should not be defined selfishly  to include only people on the same page but must include all people with different views and ideas. The opportunity has been lost and the drawing of a "Caricature of A Great Nation Like Singapore" has yet to start!

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