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Sunday, 20 May 2012

What Hougang By-Election Means?

1) For The Workers' Party - The Workers' Party brand name was dented when its incumbent MP for the constituency Mr Yaw Shin Leong was sacked when accusations of his sexual misconduct surfaced.  He not only refused to account for his misbehaviour but fled the country.  This caught everybody by surprise more so the Party's leadership.  For Mr Low Thia Khiang (its Secretary-General) it is indeed a tough job holding  a tight ship together - note that immediately after the PM has called for a by-election a few opportunistic and selfish members tendered their resignations citing reasons like not being appointed party cadres, etc.  It is a goodish thing that such conceited and selfish individuals are expunged from the Party. The Workers' Party cannot afford another miss-step. Its MPs must be "whiter than the white uniform of the PAP members".

2) For The People's Action Party - The PM stood on high moral grounds - accusing the Workers' Party of not accounting and explaining to the Hougang consitutuents for the scandal.  He had been unwillingly forced to call for a by-election within 3 months (Note a court case is still pending of how the Constitutional provisions are to be interpretated for by-elections).  Lest he forgets in the last General Election a PAP candidate in a GRC constituency was substituted  by a doctor candidate when accusations of sexual misconduct against the former candidate  were reported by the press.  Then there were no accounting and explainations for the sudden withdrawal of the candidate.

3) For The Hougang Residents  -  The Workers' Party touted "Hougang As The Bastion of Democracy in Singapore"  Yes indeed,  since 1991 it has always supported the Worker's Party.  This comes about through much sacrifice.  It refuses to bow down to the PAP's intimidation of withholding of estate upgrading programmes and withdrawal of amenities like market and hawker stalls, bus services, etc. The Workers' Party stated it is because of Hougang that the Party managed to capture the GRC of Aljunied in the last General Election.  Bravo to Hougang residents!

4) For All Singapore Citizens - Is there a lesson all can learn from Hougang?  With the PAP's gerrymandering of the electoral boundaries, it secures 81 seats in Parliament although it receives only 60% of the votes.  Do you think this is fair?  After the last GE the Government has apologised for its mistakes and promises to put things right. It now talks about an "inclusive" society!   An "inclusive" society must encompass citizens with differing political ideas, viewpoints, thinking ,etc. and this includes the constituents of Hougang!



Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for the current minister, Vivian to account for the food poisoning during YOG, which he promised to do so? Empty promises?

Koh said...

As everybody knows the Government was strongly criticized for grossly exceeding the budget for the YOG. Singaporeans should vote in more Opposition candidates to hold them accountable for such wanton waste of tax-payers' monies!