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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Better Service, Better Enforcement.

In the past 3 weeks I have e-emailed to 3 Bodies: a public-listed transport company, a Goverment Department and a country club.  My purposes in providing feedback are to ensure that proper and good services are provided and that the laws are enforced to provide a conducive living environment.

1) Feedback to Transport Co. - I was travelling in this Company's bus.  What put me off was the attitude of this bus-driver.  On 2 occasions I witnessed  that he refused to stop for his passenders although the latter had indicated their intention to board the bus.  I felt sorry for the passengers for they must be thinking of home after a hard day's work.  It is such blatant disregard for providing service not to mention good service by such a driver that only compound commuters' transport woes.

2) Feedback to Govt. Dept. - I stayed in an apartment block at a traffic junction in an HDB heartland.  During peak hours and especially during weekends Fridays and Saturdays nights the stretches of roads here morphed into mini racing circuits for the souped-up machines of these dare-devil motor-cyclists and motorists.  The din  and noise pollution not to mention the potential fatal accidents they may caused  are just too much!  The promise of action by the Traffic Department serves only to calm me.

3) Feedback to Country Club -  The Steam Bath in the Club was not working properly.  It looked like the renovation and maintenance done to the facility was not monitored.  I was worried that there might be health hazards if members were to use the facility.

I am thinking I was doing my small part in my active citizenship duties.  For I wish very much to live in a better and a safe neighbourhood and a better Singapore!


agapedoc said...

Hope your emails will receive a hearing and not just sent to the trashbox.

How about trying prayer? This may be more effective and will bring glory to God:)

Koh said...

Yes, all my feedback receives prompt replies. I do pray at the end of day - casting all my burdens on Him! He does answer sometimes in ways unimaginable!!