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Sunday, 24 July 2011

A Gauge Of Singaporeans' Political Maturity & Sophistication

The clock is ticking and the Elected Presidency election will visit us soon.  There are many noises, views, propositions, arguments, etc. made about this "uniquely and ever-evolving Singapore Institution"  The Constitution has laid out very clearly the duties and the powers of the Elected President.  Since it is the highest office in the land, the entry requirements of aspiring candidates have to be precise and very stringent.  Not any Tom, Dick or Harry can just take a pot shot at the job denigrating its status. That is why Presidential hopefuls have to apply to the Presidential Election Committe for the Certificate of Eligibility.  So far and if I may make a calculated guess only 2 hopefuls are qualified.  Only 1 has the stature and temperament for the Post.  I hope Singaporeans will do their homework and exercise their vote wisely, consciously and appropriately and show to the world that indeed we have matured politically and are indeed sophisticated!

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