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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

The Elected Presidency - Vote For A Candidate With Conviction.

The coming Presidential Election is getting interesting in many ways.  The 3 candidates have excellent credentials: one was a former Minister, another a former MP and the other a former CEO of an insurance co-operative.  The one thing in common of all 3 is that all were former members of the Ruling Party.  Of course each candiate has his own supporters and detractors.  As a voter you must do your own homework and vote for a candidate with conviction.  Speaking for myself I will choose a person who is humble, has integrity, decorum, quiet confidence and an upright and strong character who will not "panic" when facing a crisis. Human nature is unpredictable.  A person when voted into the highest office in the land  may not turn out what he promises to be and claims he can do for the people! There is one person I secretly held in high esteem and greatly admired and who I think is qualified for the appointment. He was a former top civil servant and who I consider a "Mandarin" par excellence.  His views and opinion have ruffled many feathers in the Establishment.  If only I can persuade him here in this space but alas! I know he is not interested in the post!


Anonymous said...

Siong Guan would not be interested in such roles.

Koh said...

Ha Ha! You have guessed wrongly. My idol is of a different calibre!