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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Curbing Triad & Secret Society Activities in Singapore

I refer to the recent reports of senseless killing and maiming of bodies by members of such Societies in the local Sinagpore media. I think such wanton, cruel and merciless conduct  should be put to a stop immediately. Full stop! In Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s ganglands' rioting and fightings were not uncommon.  Almost daily you could  read of such accounts of ganglands' tussels over protection rackets and territorial rights. At that the time the Government of the day acted firmly and resolutely by invoking Section 55 of the Criminal Law Act by rounding up members of such Societies.  Section 55 allowed the Police to detain the secret society members without trial up to 12 months in the first instance.  I wonder whether Section 55 is still in our Law Statues or it has changed into another legal term.  When you mentioned Section 55 most secret society members at that time would twitched their ears and showed more restrain and respect before they embarked onto any wrongdoings.  The Police should spare no effort to enforce such a law on such persons.  We do not want to see Singapore living under a "cloud of fear" wielded by members of such Societies!  Any persons with inkling of links with such Societies should be rounded up and be incacerated!

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