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Monday, 17 October 2016

Politics Is A Dirty Word.

With the final lap before the US Presidential Election on 8 November 2016, there are already much mud-slinging going on.  The Wikileaks of Clinton's e-mails scandals versus sex-scandals expose of Trump.  Audiences have much to gloat about in all of these shenanigans.  Everyone is asking what is happening to this Super Power's political system.

Fox-News network (which is pro-Trump) has labelled the mainstream media such as CNN. ABC, NBC, etc. as "corrupted media" in collusion with the Clinton camp.  Words used were "cover-up", "conspiracy with the Department of Justice, the White House, FBI, etc.", "stooges", "banana republic", etc.  A quirky quote from Obama: "If I watch Fox-News, I wouldn't vote for me".

A quote from Hillary Clinton: "Politics is like sausage being made, it is unsavory and it always has been that way, but we usually end up where we need to be."  A quote from Donald Trump: "The system is rigged."  A quote from Michelle Obama about Bill Clinton's sexual indiscretion when her husband was locked in battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Presidential nomination: " If you cannot run your own home, you cannot run the country."

Politics is indeed a dirty game.  What are the lessons Singapore can learn?  Four thoughts come to my mind:

1) We must reject a "rigged system".
2) We must reject a "banana republic".
3) We must reject a "corrupted media".
4) We must reject "inappropriate collusion between Government institutions/bodies with private companies.    

Disgusting Observation: A mainstream newspaper is propagating a "personality cult worship"- this person's photos appeared in this Sunday's publication no less than 6 times in its pages.  It is worth keeping in mind ours is a Parliamentary Democracy, not a Communist country or a Dictatorship.

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