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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Finding God, Finding Oneself.

Just returned from a 8-days Yunnan Shangri-la conducted tour a few days ago.  Personally, the highlight of the trip was to reach the Shika Snow Mountain by cable-car.  At 4500 meters above sea level the air was thin and breathing was hard work.  We had only a canister of oxygen to help us to breath easier.  Nevertheless many in our tour group managed to complete the challenge.  At the start of the cable-car ride, I was quietly praying to God  to give me strength and stamina to complete the challenge before me.  I was not a fitness buff and you could consider me "unfit".  But our God is great and He answers our prayers(See me with the victory sign in the photo above).   On the way down from the mountain I was alone in one cable-car cabin (see the photo above) and I said heart-felt prayers of thanks and gratitude to our God of the Mountain. In finding God I find myself in my weaknesses and strengths.  I discover I need to continually minimize my weaknesses with God's help.  

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