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Sunday, 2 August 2015

What You Should Do From Now Until Polling Day.

It is not a secret anymore. The strong speculation in every one's mind is that 12th September 2015 will be Polling Day for GE 2015.  To help you make a better decision of how you should cast your vote on that day, here are my humble few suggestions:- 

1) "Switch off" reading, hearing or watching reports in the mainstream media regarding the coming GE2015.  If you cannot avoid such an avalanche of propaganda, then treat such reports with a cynical and questioning mind.  Do not forget our media has been rated 153rd position for being "a free press". 

2) I find it remarkable that our mainstream media has morphed to become the PR machinery of the ruling Party.  The incumbents' plans, speeches, moves, etc were faithfully and strategically reported, filmed and projected to achieve the maximum impact; such as who and who is standing in which ward, SMC or GRC. Sometimes you wonder whether "campaigning" or "electioneering" has actually started although the Writ for Election has yet to be issued.

3) Mainstream media reports on Opposition Parties at best are minimal and sketchy.  In some instances such reports are packaged in such a way to put them in a bad light.  Being wary of such tactics by the media the Parties think it is best talking to them less. 

4) You on your part can resort to social media to access a more balanced perspective and diversity of views, etc.  You can go direct to Opposition Parties' dedicated websites or social political  websites such as The Online Citizen, The Middle Ground,, Inconvenient Questions(IQ) and blogs like 2ECONDSIGHT, My Singapore News, Likedatosocanmeh, etc just to name a few.

5) The ruling Party will leverage on the National Day and SG50 Celebrations to extract maximum advantage for their campaign.  Videos capturing our Pioneer Generation of Leaders' speeches, ideologies, etc. will  be re-broadcast, re-telecast and re-cycle to win back peoples' hearts.  One thing they forget to highlight is the many of our ordinary citizens' co-operative sacrifices, hard work, sweat and tears, etc. which have contributed to the successes of the past 50 years of nation building.

Change is the only constant.  I hope in the next 50 years our Singapore politics will evolve to becoming more democratic, more vibrant, less divisive, less polarizing and more inclusive.  The electorate can only bring this about by casting their votes wisely on Polling Day.

Over to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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