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Friday, 21 June 2013

Haze - The Face of Evil And Corruption.

The above photo taken from the window of my apartment is self-explanatory.  It is the worst haze conundrum that has occurred in Singapore's history.  When the photo was taken, the PSI reading was 400.  It looked like a war zone outside - white smoke shrouded the buildings, few pedestrians and cars on the roads - a ghostly neighbourhood.

I characterize the haze as the face of evil and corruption.  Evil - because the insidious deadly smoke choking people's throats and eyes.  This happens because the powers in Indonesia refuse to do their job.  The Indonesian Government seemed oblivious to the crisis and taking a nonchalant and "bochap" attitude.  It is just as incredible that the Government has even allowed its own people to suffer such inhuman health risks and hazards.  It is even more unbelievable that its own people are prepared to subject themselves to such hardship without a word of protest.  Indonesia is well known for organising demonstrations/protests against injustice, price hikes, corruption, etc.  But hardly a word was heard from the populace regarding this tragedy.  If politics and businesses are good bedfellows then the third party, the people's interests are thrown into the gutter. 

Corruption - The local and central Government refuses to enforce the laws governing such fires.  Are there vested and cronies' interests which overide the people's welfare and health protection.   While the country burned and the people's health suffered, the politicians turned their blind eyes.  It is a heartless and cruel thing to abandon the people.

Worse, the neighbouring countries were subjected to such hazards also.  Our concerns and insecurities were brushed aside as childish.  It looks like these people will only answer to God alone!!!   

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