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Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Above is the famout painting "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo Da Vinci which I extracted from the book entitled "Da Vinci Decoded" by Michael J Gelb which I had the good fortune to lay my hands on from the Bedok Naitonal Library last month. Many years ago while on a trip to France with my wife and in-laws I bought a souvenir bell which has the famous portrait embossed on it.  I purchased the item then remembering the song of the same name made famous by the late Nat King Cole whose extolling of the enigmatic beauty just captured my imagination.  I did not know then or bothered to find out who the painter was  -  poor me!  The bell is still seating pretty on top of the Korean chest in the hall of our home.  On the wall of the dining area in my apartment there is a cross-stitched (done by my wife) painting of the Last Supper - all these years I was not aware the famous painter was its creator!  The all-round genius of the painter was brought home to me after I read the book: his paintings have the balance and soul in them; he was also an inventor - he created designs for the parachute, snorkel, gear-shift, scissors, etc.  Leonardo said that his wish was to create miracles!  Do you know that Bill Gates paid US$30.8 million in 1994 for 18 pages of his note books.  The following are some of his divine spiritual thinking and philosophy:-

1) I reveal to men the origin of their cause of existence.
2) O human stupidity! Do you not perceive that you have spent your whole life with yourself and yet you are not aware of the thing you chiefly possess, that is of your folly.
3) While I thought I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.
4) Our body is subject to the heaven.
5) It is necessary for doctors who are guardians of the sick to understand what man is, what life is and what health is, and in what way a balance and harmony of these elements maintains it.
6) Love alone makes me remember, it is only love that makes me aware.
7) Do you not see that the treasure in itself does not heap praise on its accumulator after his life is spent.

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