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Monday, 17 January 2011

Re: Wikileaks' Leaks Vis-A-Vis Stolen Personal Diary.

I cannot help comparing the Wikileaks' leaks to a person having his personal diary being stolen  by someone else.  If this is so the victim has the right to file criminal charges against the culprit for theft and unlawful use of personal data and information from the diary. Even among family members a personal diary is a very precious and higly-guarded personal documentation of one's thinking, feelings, musings and reminiscences.  You know what it is like if your so-called personal identity has been stolen by someone! Furthermore how will you feel if you know the thief has a history of convictions of criminal acts like breaking into homes, attempting rapes, etc.  Of course such acts cannot be condoned!  The full force of the Laws should be enforced! Full stop!

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