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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

A Son Praising His Father

I had an interesting conversation with a male teenager of about 19 years old.  He workships and adores his father.  He said his father is a successful businessman with assets of about S$600 million dollars.  He said his father originally owned 4 bungalows in the luxurious Sentosa Cove - he subsequently sold 3 and kept 1 for his own residential use.  He admires his father for his humility, charitable and clannish traits to his family, friends and relatives.  He said his father lavishly provided for his family - he bought 2 of his siblings and mother each a luxurious car worth hundred of thousands of dollars each.  He himself drives a Lambourghini. He said his fuel cost for his car can total up to 3 to 4 hundred dollars per weekend. His father  believes in doing charitable work for disaster victims in the region - he has contributed to disaster relief work in Indonesia, Burma, etc. His father also believes in helping friends and relatives who are in debts.  He said he had on occasions delivered cash amounting to $90,000 to $100,000 to friends and relatives who are in dire straits.  I have no way of verifying what he told me.  Or is this "the cock and bull story of the year".  You judge for yourself.

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