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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Why Aren't The Americans More Appreciative of Their President Barack Obama

According to the latest polls, the approval rating of President Barack Obama has fallen to 44%.  He has my full sympathy for holding on to the world's most powerful job but alas a "thankless" job nevertheless!  The irony is that he has just rescued America from the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of 1929 by providing massive bailouts for the auto and banking sectors and stimulus packages.  With almost a decade of overspending and over-leverage the American economy has to drain itself of the excesses and to slowly de-leverage.  An economy is like a battleship, it slowly turns around.  With unemployment at 10% it is inevitable that the American public is losing patience and heart!  However, I see the American President as a person who has "the helicopter view" of the whole problem: he knows the options, trade-offs, solutions,etc. I gauge this from watching the many media interviews/telecasts and town-hall meetings that he hosted. I guess you just have to give him time. I hope that his race and family background has got nothing to do with this!  American politics is complex and has many moving parts.  I just wish President Obama the best of luck!!!

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