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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Is There Such a Thing as Strategic Gambling?

I have an interesting conversation with a male retiree in his 70s. He stays around Holland Avenue area. He told me he visits the Marina Sands casino 2 times a week. His contemporaries (all in their 70s) also join him in this weekly ritual. He will bring along $1200 each time to gamble on his favourite game the Roulette. I asked him whether he had been able to win against the House. He said he has a strategy playing the game - he will place his bets on 8 nos., black & white colours, etc. As I am not a gambler I could not understand let alone be interested in what his strategy was all about. He said if he made a profit of $1000 by 2 am he would call it a day. I guess he normally started his addiction from 12 mid-night. If he would to discover that the number he betted will persistently not appear he would just stopped temporarily or switched to another table. He said sometimes he would strike big in his winnings of thousand of dollars. However, he said should he be unlucky and lose his capital of $1200 he would not mind as he said he could afford it. According to him, sometimes making $200 to $300 per session will not be a problem !! I just wish him good luck and hope that one day his addiction will stop!!!!!!!!!

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