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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

World Cup 2010 - As I See It (Part II)

As the Tournament has quickly approached the Quarter-Finals stage, here are my impressions:-

1) England Team: The most-hyped and over-rated Team. Their players are over-paid and over-rated. In their match with West Germany they were trounced 4-1. England failed beause of 2 key players - John Terry (who was stripped of his captaincy role because of his marital problems) and Fabio Capello (Coach). Terry was a mere observer and a spectator in the match, hardly the stout defender we know when he plays for Chelsea. Capello did not had the courage to replace him when you know a player is not performing. Keep in mind that days before the match Terry was questioning Capello's authority and training methods, etc.
2) USA Team: The "Most Confident" Team. In every game they played they always said they are going to beat their opponents. Even their fans echoed the same sentiment. Perhaps being a "Super-Power" gives them that "Super-Ego". If only they were to humble themselves and show less hubris!!!!
3) Mexico Team: The Players really salute & workship their country!!! They sing their National Anthem "with gusto" standing to attention with their hands across their chests!!!
4) Showman of World Cup 2010 - Diego Maradona. The world-renown Coach of Argentina always pats, hugs and kisses his players. He craves for attention & publicity. He has complete rapproachment & intimacy with his players - he is their motivator! The Argentina Team of today is totally different from the Argentina Team of yesteryears!

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